Building a JBoss BRMS Cool Store

This workshop will teach you how to build an online web shop by designing various rules, events and a ruleflow. The results will be your very own JBoss BRMS Cool Store.
Pre-requisits: Java 1.7, Maven 3.2, JBoss BPM Suite 6.0.3 installer

Lab 1 - Install JBoss BRMS

Lab Goal

To install and login to JBoss BRMS product

Install JBoss BRMS

  • Download and unzip.
  • Add product installer, see installs/README for details
    • $ cp jboss-brms-installer-6.0.3.GA-redhat-1.jar brms-install-demo/installs/
  • run or init.bat
    • $ ./
  • follow instructions to start server
    • $ ./target/jboss-eap-6.1/bin/

Install your own xPaaS!

Use one click button, then jump to lab 02:
Click to install OpenShift
Note: use `LARGE` gear for brmsPaaS.


Standalone Configuration

  • Some properties set to lock location git repository
  • Found in standalone.xml
    • $ cat brms-install-demo/support/standalone.xml
    • <property name="org.uberfire.nio.git.dir" value="${jboss.home.dir}/bin"/>
  • Means all projects stored in .niogit/* can be found here:
    • brms-install-demo/target/jboss-eap-6.1/bin/.niogit/


User Configuration

  • User configuration was automated
  • Support directory contains user configuration files
    • $ cat support/
  • Installed into:
    • target/jboss-eap-6.1/standalone/configuration/

JBoss BRMS Users

  • There are 2 user roles:
    • admin - full access to product
    • analyst - developer access, except assets & deployments

JBoss BRMS Users

  • Admin user & password:
    • erics - jbossbrms1!
  • Analyst users & passwords
    • erics - jbossbrms1!

Login to JBoss BRMS

Eric D. Schabell
JBoss Technology Evangelist

JBoss BRMS Workshop

Lab 02 - Create a new project